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My name is Aditya Upadhyay. I am the lead programmer,project lead, CTO & Co-founder at Vega6 Webware Technologies Pvt Ltd. I have spent last 5 years working in the different aspects of Web App Development. I had spent my days crafting algorithms for all types of cloud based applications. I am very keen to learn new technologies and implement them in the existing projects. I constantly learn web and server tehcnologies and always looking forward to working on something new. When i am not in the coding zone, you can discover me watching cricket or online in various virtual worlds.

Personal Information

  • Name Aditya Upadhyay
  • Age 26 Years
  • Experience +6 Years
  • Email
  • Skype adiwithadidas
  • Location New Delhi, India

Professional Skills

  • HML5 & CSS3
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Wordpress

Timeline 7 Years of Experience

2017 - August

VideoReel is a web based one of its kind video creation software that lets you create gorgeous short and long marketing videos using templates

2017 - January

VidRankNeos is a cloud based app which enables to live stream yourself or even a recording in Youtube. It also helps you do keyword research in Youtube, so that you can sepcifically target the niches which are less competitive.

2016 - October

VidLeadsPro is a cloud based app which helps you identify and locate different type of business based on a keyword near your location. In short its a cloud based Yellow pages for you which lists all the business information near you along with their contact details.

2016 - July

CurationNeos is a cloud based app which helps you curate and spin content. It pulls content from different content sources and curates them to form unique content for you. It lets you create content on the fly.

2016 - March

NeoTimer app is Shopify store app that enables you to add countdown timers on your store to attract your users. NeoTimer app is a brilliant tool to create various timers for your Shopify store. This helps you to create timers on your Shopify store, make it attractive offers and provoke your users to grab it right away. This helps you to extract more customers from your viewers.

2015 - December

TechandMate is an online education marketplace which provides online live education portal for students. This is mainly focused for the working professionals who are looking to enhance or upgrade their skills.

Social Neos
2015 - July

Social Neos is a Worpdress Plugin which builds your List and generates endless traffic. This is one of the viral traffic plugin which turns any video or content into a list building machine.

2014 - November

Vidneos Theme is a standard and responsive wordpress theme which is designed specifically to create video stores. It automatically pull videos from Youtube and adds them to your site.

Wp-Weblify Plugin
2014 - June

Its a wordpress plugin which connects one of your cloud based platform to users wordpress sites

2017 - December

Revolutionary New Software Creates Amazing Cinemagraphs, Memes & Quote - Pics Automatically

2017 - March

SharpSocial is worlds first and only real artificial intelligence powered Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram user engagement web-app. Send custom reply & private messages based on sentimental & emotional states of user comments and much more. SharpSocial is a web based app that completely automates the process of user engagement

2016 - November

NativeAdsNeos is your one-stop shop for all sort of native ads and market research. This cloud based application is your swiss army knife for everything you need for your ads and market research. You can not only reverse-engineer these ads but other ad platforms as well

VidAgency Theme
2016 - September

VidAgency Theme is a standard mobile responsive wordpress theme which is focused specifically for video creation services or offering video promotion services.

2016 - April

NeoNotify app is a highly advanced and easy-to-use Shopify Store notification app. This gives you the freedom to add various offers, push notification and exit popup anywhere you wish on your Shopify Store. The live preview and editing features are unique in this segment with NeoNotify app.

Visibily 2
2016 - January

Visibily is a cloud based tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share.

2015 - October

Visibily is a cloud based tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share.

Wp-Dollar 3
2015 - January

WP Dollar 3.0 is the third installement of the series. This is the most powerful store builder on the market for Amazon. It pull products from Amazon and creates an e-commerce store for you.

2014 - September

Wp-TaxiBooking is a wordpress plugin which helps you enable Taxi Booking services in your wordpress site. It comes with inbuilt Paypal Integration which instantly generates profit for you.

Wp-Dollar 2
2014 - January

WP Dollar 2.0 is the second installement of the series. This is a wordpress plugin which pull products from Amazon based on your given keyword and creates an e-commerce store for you with just a button click.

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